Our operations

Our operations

Export and import transportation

We serve heavy industry in controlled commodity flows, as well as in regular line traffic from Finland to the whole of Europe, also in terms of bulk cargo.

Transportations in lockable and temperature-regulated cargo spaces, registered food transporter, adherence to self-monitoring and general regulations regarding hygiene.

Transportations in compliance with laws and regulations, with trained personnel and equipped fleet.

Waste transport permits valid in Sweden and Finland, if needed, also throughout our entire operating area.

Safe and reliable handling of goods in our own facilities throughout the transportation process, combining goods on routes produces significant cost savings and, with the increase in utilization rate, also contributes to environmental sustainability as one cornerstone of our operations, sustainable development is fundamental across our entire operational area.

Equipped with our own forklift, lifting capacity of 4500 kg, hydraulically spreading 220 cm prongs, steel bucket for loose cargo, and snowplow to serve our partners when needed.


Outdoor storage space ~250m2, additionally, temperature-regulated indoor space for your sensitive and valuable goods.

The Green Way– More environmentally friendly transportation.

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