Spot-On Transportation

Spot-On Transportation


We operate flexibly in the Nordic and European regions. Our comprehensive transport network and reliable partners guarantee fast and flexiWe operate flexibly in the Nordic region, and as needed, we negotiate services to other parts of Europe. Our comprehensive transport network and reliable partners guarantee fast and flexible deliveries at all times.

Our knowledgeable drivers take care of your cargo, ensuring a high level of service.ble deliveries at all times.

Thermo Transport

Thermo Transport

Our high-quality thermo trucks ensure reliable cold transport for food and other goods that require temperature control. Our food transports always comply with regulatory requirements.


We also conduct self-monitoring with temperature measurements regularly during transportation.

Road Transport

Road Transport

Our versatile fleet is well-suited for various road transport needs. We avoid reloads to minimize transportation damage.


This ensures high delivery reliability and a lower environmental impact. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in finding the right transport equipment.

Information about transportations

Thermo transport refers to temperature-controlled shipments where the cargo’s temperature is monitored in real-time throughout the entire transport chain.

Road transport refers to traditional shipments, which may include items such as pallets or loose containers, transported between terminals or directly from the terminal to the recipient.

The easiest way to order transportation from Polarline is to contact our sales representative, Tony Rissanen, at +358 40 3422 516 or by sending an email to tony.rissanen@polarline.fi.

We are experienced logistics professionals, ensuring that your shipments reach their destination with quality, expertise, and, above all, reliability.

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