Transportation service that flexes according to your needs


Transportation service that flexes according to your needs 

Tony Rissanen

Development and Sales Director

Katariina Kunnari

Transportation Planner

Polarline Oy

Business ID: 1833290-0

VAT number: FI18332900

Billing information

E-invoice address:  003718332900

E-invoice operator code: 003721291126

E-invoice intermediary: Maventa

PDF-invoices: invoice-18332900@kollektor.fi

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    Would you like to become a contracted driver for Polarline?

    We occasionally need additional contracted drivers to join us as partners. If you would like to become a contracted driver for Polarline, please contact us!


    Polarline is looking for new contract drivers

    What is a contract driver?

    If you have a transport company or the goal to start your own business in the field, becoming a contract driver with Polarline is an excellent way to grow your business.

    As a contract driver, you always have a dedicated contact person who provides detailed assistance as needed. Additionally, we take care of transport planning and reporting!

    Please note that Polarline operates continuously in the Nordic countries and, if necessary, elsewhere in Europe.

    How do I apply to become a contract driver?

    You can start the application process by contacting us either via email or by calling. If we are unable to answer your call, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    No transport is too large or too urgent for us; we strive to handle all assigned transports.

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